Importance of Adding Different Types of Shrubs to Your Commercial or Residential Landscaping

Shrubs are a primary factor in just about any landscaping designs however, having the knowledge on how they fit or suit into your overall garden scheme is extraordinary. It is very essential to remember that all residential and commercial landscaping designs can be divided into 5 essential layers which can be of great use to plan your project as well as make better choices on what to plant. In addition to that, the shrub niche is actually huge and number 3 in the layering system. It spans an extensive height range that can enable you to expand the shrub pallet beyond its usual boxwoods, or even azaleas and rhododendrons in which we often see in an ordinary residential landscape. However, since there are a lot of options which can be choose, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Commercial Landscaping

How to Select a Quality and Good Landscape Service Provider

Planning out a landscape project for your residential property is not often as easy as most homeowners might think. Most of the time, there are a lot of variables or factors which are not so apparent to an ordinary individual. Whether you are planning a total backyard renovation to make your yard an extraordinary backyard paradise or staycation resort, or you simply desire to upgrade your front yard landscape, you should always be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring landscape service providers. In this case, you may need to ask a professional.

Landscape Designers

Are you concerned that the ideas of the landscape designs which you have in mind will not work or be taken seriously? If you confront your landscape designer or sales consultant, do they respond positively to your design ideas? Be aware if they are trying to push their own designs or agenda onto you. This actually means that they’re not listening to what you like to obtain and are more concerned in building something that they want for their own good. Even worse, they might be trying to use up materials which no one else wants.

Landscape Sub-Contractors

It is often recommended to ask about landscape sub-contractors at your initial consultation. There are particular landscaping projects which will always be performed by landscape sub-contractors. For instance, landscape firms do not usually install asphalt materials, so this part of the driveway job is basically outsourced to a sub-contractor. Always remember that the more sub-contractors which are involved in your landscape construction project, the possibility of delays also increases. Instead of having a contractor answer your needs, you are now dealing with their sub-contractors. This will not only cause delays but also, can possibly increase the landscape project’s budget and create some confusions.


Are you worried that you will not be able to communicate with your landscaping service provider on your terms? It is always recommended to only talk to one contractor. Through this, communication is clearer. You should also be clear when you discuss your landscape project with another person which you aren’t willing to change the project’s budget, unless you’re willing to.

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