There are many types and kinds of rugs in the department stores. We used them commonly to help users clean and be able to preserve of investments at home. Without them, there are chances that you might break something or damage your favorite flooring due to the furniture or appliances that you have. Some rugs could be very expensive to buy because of the quality of the material and the longevity of it when you use it. If you know how to clean them, you would be able to let them stay in a good condition and of course, you can save some money from paying other people or service companies. In area rug cleaning there could be a lot of different ways to do it. There could be an easy step but it would not guarantee you to be a hundred percent excellent. There are some that would take of your time so much but the result could be very satisfying. Different kinds of rugs would need special attention in order to preserve their quality and best color. It would depend on the material used in that rugs. If you are not so sure about cleaning it then you could search the ways on the internet and watch some video for some tutorials. If you don’t have the right tools and machine to clean it then you could or you would need to hire a service company to do it for you. They can manage to remove the dirt with the safest way and there is a guarantee that they can remove the stain as well. But if you are hesitant to hire someone because of your budget then follow now the steps below to secure your rugs when it comes to cleaning them.  


  1. In order to maintain the cleanliness of your rug. You have to vacuum that one every day. In this way, the dirt and the dust would not accumulate and it is not going to be dusty to the nose. If you have a sensitive kind of rugs then limit the time that you vacuum it as it may cause damage and possibly to destroy your rug.  
  2. If you are not going to use the rug or you want to keep then you need to place them in a secure and dry place. In order not to grow molds on your rugs you need to roll over your rugs. Even when you want to clean it or bring them to the place or shop for them to be cleaned. You have to do this process.  
  3. If there are some stains or discoloration happened to your rugs. Then, you might consider using a while type of vinegar. Make sure to mix the vinegar to the water. Don’t pour the mixed agent to the carpet directly. You may use a piece of sponge or cloth and dump it to the rug with the solution.  
  4. To remove the insects from it then you can use some borax and then pour some small amount of it to the entire rug.  
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